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European Mount - Antler Skulls

European Antler Skulls -Molded / Prefab

Hydrographic printing (or water transfer printing) is a process which transfers graphic images and designs to most 3D surfaces. We can print to almost any nonporous object that can be dipped in water like wood, plastic and metal. This process works well hunting related including your favorite handgun. You are only limited by your imagination.

Remember, the application of hydrographic art is considered a permanent change. After the product is dipped, it is then sprayed with an automotive type clear coat in either matte or a gloss finish. The finished product is comparable to an automobile finish. There are hundreds of patterns to choose from including, burl woods, carbon fiber, camouflage, stone, marble, metal and illusions. If you do not find the finish you want on our film pages, contact us and we can help you find more examples.

European Antler Skulls | H2O Camo LLC | Hendersonville

European Antler - Skulls - Hendersonville, NC

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European Antler - Skulls - Hendersonville, NC








European antler skulls

European Antler - Skulls - Hendersonville, NC

We sell european antler skulls plain or filmed.

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European Antler - Skulls - Hendersonville, NC

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